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Free Autoresponder Script

Welcome to Infinite Responder!
Created by Aaron Colman of Adaptive Business Design.

Have you ever wanted a completely customizable free self-hosted autoresponder script? To set the times you want? For as many messages and users as you want?

Infinite Responder is an autoresponder & newsletter hybrid that allows you to send as many messages, as many emails to as many lists as you want. It can behave as both a sequential autoresponder and a newsletter mailer.

I created it years ago in order to send out e-courses without buying a big, expensive package for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. I wanted to be able to import my own lists and send from my own server without having to deal with the headaches of going thru a 3rd party.

And so here it is. Years of support and several bursts of development later we've got a pretty sophisticated package.

Need help? Check out our forums.
Discuss Infinite Responder issues there!

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Note: I've been having some hosting problems lately. If this site appears down, it's not. It's just a problem with the server. Please try again later. Thanks!

Some of it's features:
  • GPL Licensed
  • Single or Double Opt-In
  • Easy web-based subscriptions
  • Email-based subscriptions
  • Sequential and absolute autoresponder timing
  • Newsletter style mail bursts
  • Easy bounce handling
  • Unlimited messages and lists
  • Individual scheduled messages
  • Full web-based control panel
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Easily add emails individually or in a group
  • HTML and text email messages
  • Multi-part HTML ensures readability
  • Strong security features
  • Numerous remote subscription possibilities
  • 30+ custom tags to personalize your mail
  • Convenient in-line help system
  • HTML editor plug-in
  • Global blacklist capability
  • Simple templates allow easy customization
  • RFC compliant emails aid deliverability
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Subscription referral tracking fields
  • Daily and per-batch throttling
  • Queued message cache
  • Efficient mail delivery functions
  • Easy opt-in and opt-out redirect
And more!

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It's perfect for lead generation, email courses, newsletters and other email campaigns. But best of all... it's free!

Below you'll find a video tour of the application so you can see for yourself.

For this you will need:
  • A web server (Apache or IIS)
  • PHP 4.3 or greater (the 5.x series seems to work fine)
  • MySQL 4 or greater (MySQL 5 is highly recommended)
  • IMAP library is required for bounce and mail checking
  • Crontab for scheduled mail sending

Download: (750k)

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The video is a 20mb flash video walkthru. Screenshots can't tell the whole story and a demo assumes you already know how things work. Well now you can see the app in action the easy way...

Watch the Video

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